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Select the .cml input file by cmd

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Hi Sasan!!


I want to know if you know a way to select the .cml input file for Celeris using the windows command console, instead of selecting the file through the file browser window, this is to program the input files.



I have tried this:

In the folder where celeris.exe is

Celeris.exe <pend_celeris.cml

but it does not work, keep opening the browser window to select the .cml file


And another curious question, when is the launch of Celeris Base ?, I'm looking forward to trying it!


Thank you!!

Hi José,


Celeris does not take cml files from cmd. But you can put the path of the cml file into a file called "setting.init" which should be in the same folder as Celeris.exe. Celeris first looks at to that file, if it is empty (or invalid) then it opens the browser file.


This command should do what you want:


C:\where\celeris.exe\is> echo absolute\path\to\cml\file>setting.init && Celeris


About Celeris Base release, I don't have a date. Celeris Base needs some UI work before it can be released, and the fact that I graduated from USC and have a full time job elsewhere isn't helping! I think a year is a good estimate ...

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