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Celeris Advent

October 20, 2017

Click to download Celeris Advent (v1.3.0), the latest version of Celeris, as a zip-file. Celeris runs only on Windows machines.

Journal Paper

December 03, 2016

To get more information about the equations that Celeris solves and their implementations read our article!

User Manual

December 12, 2016

Read the User Manual to get started with Celeris. 

Manual de Usuario

June 18, 2017

Lea el Manual del usuario para comenzar con Celeris.

راهنمای کاربر

January 01, 2020

برای شروع کار با نرم افزار، راهنمای کاربر را بخوانید

Source Code

December 03, 2016

Celeris is an open source project and we welcome any contribution. Access our source codes on GitHub.

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