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Click to download Celeris Advent (v1.3.1), the latest version of Celeris, as a zip-file. Celeris runs only on Windows machines.


Celeris is the first interactive nearshore wave modelling software. It solves the depth-integrated, weakly dispersive Boussinesq-type equations. It is developed and is being maintained by the Coastal Engineering Group and the Tsunami Research Center of University of Southern California.

Interactivity, concurrent visualization, and incredibly fast simulation speed are the main features of Celeris. A video showing a simulation for the outer portion of the Port of Long Beach under design level waves is provided to showcase some of these features. The use and visual effect of the interactive features, such as colormap visualization are illustrated. The inner breakwater freeboard is also being interactively adjusted while the model is running.


Very Useful for Coastal Designs

March 25, 2018

The speed and graphics capabilities of Celeris have been extremely useful for visualising complex wave processes such as wave penetration, diffraction and wave-wave interactions and have allowed rapid optimisation of coastal designs.

Tom Shand, PhD

Principal Coastal Engineer

Tonkin + Taylor

Auckland, New Zealand

Last Update: 25 March 2018

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